Wednesday, 11 August 2010

"Look Ma, I'm multi-tasking!"

While Gmail was launching their annoying new interface, I've found a new system of accessing all my emails at the same time :D I open my personal Gmail and Monash Gmail in Firefox, and open Chrome for my YSK email. That's when my days lean towards schoolwork instead of "extracurricular" YSK work - when the pendulum swings the other way, I switch browsers :D Joy!

And now I've got Skype open with Calyn and about 20 tabs open in Firefox with articles about whether or not the Bill of Rights should be introduced in Australia. Urghh. Law debate. Don't ask. It's so boring that I've fallen asleep with my face in my law textbook two nights in a row.

LOL. Sorry. Did I just bore the bananas out of your backside?

Anyway, I've decided I want to someday get the entire Sex and the City series. :D Because I checked Amazon, and the box set of all six seasons is like 130USD. Ugh. I'm sick of Malaysia's pipsqueak currency. And our pipsqueak salaries. :(

No wonder we have to resort to piracy, right? Because it's gonna cost like nearly RM500 just for six seasons of a TV series :(

On a less depressing note, one week til I get my hands on my red wedges! :D

Did I tell you how loudly and excitedly I gasped when I saw a photo of Nicole Ritchie with a pair of super similar sneaker wedges in black? :D I only saw this way after I'd already bought my red ones, but anything that the queen of boho chic wears is more than good enough for me, hehe! Damnnn I wish my legs were as skinny as hers.