Saturday, 14 August 2010

Why do I insist on walking for 7 hours in heels?

Jenny's theory is that I'm secretly a "sadistic masochist". I don't have the heart to tell her she's saying it wrong :P

Did you know Mechell drives a stick? I didn't realise that until yesterday! I'm so impressed!

And look who came with us! :D Little Jenny!!

After Media tutorial yesterday, my 3-6pm law class was cancelled so I took the liberty of going to MOFEW with Mechell and Jenny! :D That's a much more fun way to spend a Friday, don't you think? :P

My adorable friends :) I love them despite the fact that whenever I'm around them, I'm further emphasising the fact that I'm gigantic :(

This bazaar was totally AWESOME. Seriously. So much stuff to see, so many things to buy! Unfortunately, for some awful reason I switched to "work" mode and took photos of everything :( So I didn't really get to shop! Because I was too tired by the time I finished taking photos... aww :(

Of course, that's not to say I went home empty-handed, HEHE! How can anyone go home empty handed at a humongous bazaar like this? There were over 80 booths! :D

First off, there's the addition to my Love For Yellow collection ...

Package unwrapped: a lovely yellow Coach wristlet I got from Cindy! :)

Anddd by the time it was 7pm, we'd spent HOURS at MOFEW and Midvalley and Gardens, and had early dinner at that famous Taiwan chicken place ("boneless" chicken my backside) - and finally toppled into my room at like 9pm with aching feet and post-traffic jam disorder :D

Jenny's stuff in her bags | My stuff that Jenny poured out of my bags, LOL!

I don't think any of us spent too much - seriously - but obviously Mechell thinks she overspent, because when I got online she had updated half a dozen items on Captain Obvious to sell off (her used clothes, not yesterday's purchases), hehe!

Jen and I spent another hour in my room sifting through our shopping bags, while Mechell went to mamak with friends (and then find stuff to sell off :P).

I had to wait til there was daylight today to take decent photos of the stuff I got yesterday, so here you go now! :D

Ankle boots from Lush Serendipity (Grace got engaged two days ago btw!! Congrats!);
Pink floral bag from The Survival Store; Yellow wristlet from I Want Bags!

See? Not too much! :P Jen got a peach maxi dress, a bow headband, a vintage print shirt, a ring, and a couple of other things I can't quite remember now :) Mechell got a grey shirt, a floral necklace, a floral hairclip, a floral tank dress and I think that's about it! (You can also click here to see what she bought!)

Last but not least, Mechell gave me a floral bangle that she bought for me from Malacca! :D Awww! How sweet! This is my one and only fabric floral bangle - love it! :) :) :)

And Jenny and I custom-ordered a set of dove accessories for ourselves and Shang! :) And I also ordered another silver dove ring for Vanessa for her birthday :D The dove is such a beautiful symbol for peace and freedom, don'tcha think? :D

P.S: Fun and play aside, my workload is frightening me! >:( Today itself I have to finish my Marketing assignment and law debate since I'm going to a tea party with Mechell tomorrow (hehehe will blog about that when it's over) ... and with a sports quiz, two Media mini-assignments and a Sports Journalism short analysis due on different days this week, I'm gonna have to realllly juggle if I still want that girls' night out on Wednesday night for the Rebellz Fashion Show! :( And I've got more news that I'll share later! :D