Sunday, 29 August 2010


Life is like one enormous work shift. Despite finishing 3 assignments in 3 days, work has barely begun - I'm starting my prep for the Marketing midterm exam now. And with two stories and one massive 4-in-1 sports package remaining on the sports journalism front for the semester, I've been poking around for story subjects. And setting my cellphone alarm to get up early and take photos for YSK product reviews.

I can safely conclude, then, that stress is an old friend of all uni students, an old friend who pops by every semester and runs to hide during summer holidays.

One of the things I do to de-stress: DIY projects that are in danger of being posted on Regretsy.

A necklace I really wanted but was over my budget for a whim vs. the necklace I made tonight :D

In case you, too, want to make cartoon cardboard signages to hang off your neck, here's how I did it :D

You need:
  1. A scrap of paper
  2. A scrap of harder and nicer paper/cardboard/cardstock
  3. Scissors/blade/something that cuts
  4. A nail and hammer or a pen with a sharp pointy end
  5. A necklace chain or string
  6. Spray pen or magic marker

  1. Find a template of the word or phrase you want, and trace it out - or freestyle it - on to a scrap of paper.
  2. Cut out the template.
  3. Stick or pin template on to nicer paper or cardboard.
  4. Spray the paint over the template. Alternatively, colour the outlines with magic marker.

5. After the paint is dry, carefully remove original template (scrap of paper) from nicer paper/cardstock. You may see something as below (I don't think you can do any worse :P).

6. Cut out the new pendant base with scissors or blade.
7. Touch up with magic marker or paintbrush. You have your pendant! :D

8. Poke two holes on either side of "pendant" and string necklace through. Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect :P

Knock yourself out! :D This took me about 10 minutes from start to finish :)