Monday, 30 August 2010

Why, hello, Mister Postman.

Despite being a part of a generation so wired to the Internet, Pos Malaysia plays such a big role in my life now.

First of all, I still haven't received my KFC Snax card :( Although Alyn's photos of me have already been posted up on the website :) But where is my card, KFC? Why so slow?
Update (30th August): Speak of the devil, my Snax card arrived in the post today :D So it took them exactly 3 weeks! Not that fast but not insanely slow either, I guess.

This week's going to be a postbox-filling week in terms of pretty new things too :D Now this is what I call a Merdeka celebration! :P Ooh and it only looks like a lot at once because some of the items had to be pre-ordered, which took about a month - so this is like accumulated posting. Hehe!

Top row: Jumpsuit, maxi dress, bag and top from TopHauz
Double-finger novelty ring from ByMc
Floral biker jacket from Creampuff Wardrobe
Distressed varsity Twilight shirt from Urban Embrace