Sunday, 19 September 2010

Imma Giant Butterfly!

Today was The Butterfly Project at S2 Slimming Centre in Subang Parade! :D I was invited by Tammy (the famous beauty blogger of Plus Size Kitten), Michelle of Supermodel's Secrets and Stacey of Poshies Ladies Image Enhancement to attend and review the event for Your Shopping Kaki :) But before that (which will be another day since I'm trying to edit in a video), here are some pictures for my personal blogging purposes, hehe!

All the participants were slapped on a name tag :)  The Lene couldn't fit, so everyone called me "Sha" all day!

Left: Tammy a.k.a. Miu | Right: Fatin of Chocolate Cats
AWESOME pole dancing performance by Viva Vertical! Her body is like an Olympic gymnast's!

The S2 Slimming Centre people gave us free paraffin hand treatments :P Moisturizes and softens hands!
14 excited workshop participants eager to learn the secrets of hair & makeup.
There's our volunteer - Sharon! :D
Stacey made her choose the colours she hated the most - green and yellow :P

Sharon - after red, green and yellow eyeshadow! :D
Yah I just had to take a picture with her :P
Next was Michelle's demo with bumpits, bra clips, butt padding, boob padding, clip-on bangs & hair!
Michelle handing out boob inflaters for the participants to feel, haha!

Before we wrapped it up, there was a lucky draw :D
All I won were memories :(
But everyone went home with goodie bags, hehe! :D Including a butterfly clip and bumpits!
Wheee, my favourite supermodel, hehe! :D

Thank you so much again to the Chieng sisters - Anna (right) and Esther (left) for giving me a ride to Subang Parade! :D


Miu said...

that's fast! (this post)

even i didn't blog about it yet hahaha.. thanks for coming n thanks for sharing about our lil workshop to your readers :)

can't believe this is your first workshop! we're honored to "de-virginize" u! hahhaa..

perhaps next time got workshops or events i will invite u to come experience it!