Saturday, 18 September 2010

Popeye and an "olive" margarita.

Last night was the annual Monash Ball. My friends and I didn't go - little Jen's stilll nursing her injuries from the car accident, Shang was too distracted with the musical to think about the ball, Sushi didn't get tickets because none of us got tickets, and I cynically decided I'd rather spend the RM150 on an entire shopping spree at Sungei Wang Plaza than a night at One World Hotel that would pass in a few hours :P

I mean, I've already had my prom night in high school. How many proms does a nerd like me need in one lifetime? :D While a fraction of the campus population were getting their hair done and pinning corsages to their dresses (people still do that at proms, right? lol) - we went on a night out on the town (a.k.a. Bandar Sunway) to celebrate the ending of Round 1820938091 of assignments :P Before sitting down this weekend to start on Round 1820938092.


P.S: Sorry all the photos are doused in horrible lighting, I forgot to bring my camera out and had to use my cellphone :(