Thursday, 16 September 2010

Happy Malaysia Day!

This is the first year my country is celebrating Malaysia Day as a public holiday, so that's definitely cause for a blog entry! Despite it being 2am and I'm exhausted from doing assignments all day, all week and still have one whole 1,500-word essay to start and finish before tomorrow. Because it's due on Friday, which is tomorrow :(

Malaysia Day - not to be confused with Independence Day :D

Anyway, I found some beautiful circular pictures online and decided to design some potential pendants :) I really want to turn one or two of them into rings - but it's going to cost like RM30 a pop, so I'll have to save up first :( Goal acquisition numero uno - a ring that says "Today" (as has been listed on my sidebar Shopping List for yonks) :D

The second goal acquisition - a bib necklace :D I'm about a whole year late into the bib trend, but I swear I'm not even following a trend! :P The other day I decided it would instantly jazz up any outfit - especially boring t-shirts or plain tanks and dresses :) The only decision left to make is whether I want to buy one or make one, because buying one is a little bit on the pricey side for a necklace. So I'm probably going to try and make one over the mid-semester break :P

Heavy metal studded bib necklace rom Veritas Lab;
Beaded bib necklace from Forever 21

Back to the grindstone now. Maybe my ring should say "Life is full of essays waiting to be written".

P.S: How could I not get new shoes on Malaysia Day, right? :P Especially since all my friends from the YSK world are totally having a blast at all the Malaysia Day bazaars today, while I slave over my media essay :( Gotta commemorate the first-ever nationwide celebration in some way, hee! Behold - multi-strap studded 4.75-inch heels from Mezzanine Time :D