Saturday, 11 September 2010

Men can't wear dresses, but we can wear pants.

Note-to-self: the Raya weekend does NOT mean 1-Utama will be nice and empty because "everyone sudah balik kampung" ... on the contrary, practically every single person who didn't "balik kampung" will go to 1-Utama! Hahahaha!

And the very fact that I am able to blog about it now is that I was no exception :P Lydia ("Lidi") and I decided to spend our Saturday lepaking at 1U - eat brunch and shop our hearts out :P Every expert shopper (and we both really are certified shopping kakis :P) has a mission - mine was to find the perfect pair of skinnies or jeggings, and hers a dress for her boyfriend's birthday celebration :D

Lydia got tempted into root beer and curly fries :P Thanks to me!
Brunch with Lydia & Mariam at Pappa (Stay Away From The Uber Spicy Chillies) Rich
Note: Our easy-to-change-out-of outfits for shopping purposes :D
Forever21 - the place every girl goes to whenever shopping for occasions :P

Before we knew it, it was nearly nightfall and our feet were positively throbbing with pain. :D Lydia got a frilled toga bodycon for the party (and other stuff :P) - while I eventually decided maybe I don't want skinnies after all, when leggings are so much more fun! So I got a pair of leggings in a print I've been looking for in my size - finally Voir had it in my size, joy - a couple of FOS oversized sleeper bottoms (one of which I plan to turn into high-waisted palazzos) and a burnout batwing blouse from Forever21 that I'm totally in love with. :D

Picture of the day: UNICEF was asking random people to write notes for sick children on their motivational message board, so this is mine :) Pardon the ugly handwriting, I was writing on my palm.

P.S: Heads up - Cotton On has some really pretty basic off-shoulders that are slouchy and comfy, RM49 each or RM79 for 2. I'm waiting for it to go on sale :P