Thursday, 9 September 2010

Public holidays, I unleash thee upon the state.

I've been so sleepy all day, thank goodness tomorrow is a public holiday! :D Happy Eid to Muslim readers out there! :)

A festive season throughout Malaysia, and a festive dress for the festivities! :P

Shang's been missing from campus, and nobody knows exactly why - although if I were to take a guess, she's probably in Singapore directing the musical right now :P

Last day of uni today before the long weekend break :)

Clockwise from top left: Jung Ai, Santushi, Dharani, Pei Rong, Chloe, Abeer :)

I haven't edited my chess feature story yet, so here's what my long weekend break will look like ...

Assignments, assignments, assignments :(

P.S: Drive safe when you balik kampung ... for Sartre's sake please don't let your child stick his/her head or upper body out of the car! I didn't quite snap the picture in action but trust me, this child was halfway out the window with the lady ocassionally bringing her back in.