Sunday, 26 September 2010

Raiding Grandma's wardrobe.

It's officially the mid-semester "break" - fancy uni terminology for "a week without classes so you can throw yourselves in assignments" - so I spent the day visiting grandparents :D Nothing eventful happened, apart from Theodore sneezing into my hand (picture my horrified expression) and Grandma's dog's unrelenting attempts to lick my face.

Until I discovered Grandma's wardrobe.

In my late grandfather's bedroom is an unassuming brown cupboard - two doors, ancient wood, exceptionally ordinary. But inside - oh, inside, and I never even guessed it this whole time - is an entire treasure chest of vintage clothes!

Oversized blazers, batwing blouses, shoulder-padded blouses and suits - all of them top-notch quality, all neglected for decades, but still in perfect condition. I felt like a kid in Disneyland again.

After half an hour of Grandma narrating the story of how and when she got each delightful piece, and me trying on my favourites and running to the next room to preen in the full-length mirror, she said I could have whichever ones I wanted! :D Aaaaah!

My beloved new hand-me-downs: Purple blazer, retropop satin overshirt, another one with circus geometrics, a white batwing shirt with satin printed rose patterns, and a black leather bag.

Fast forward to 2010, and here are a couple of shoes I got this past week :P
My one and only pair of thin heels - from Mezzanine Time! :D