Thursday, 23 September 2010

Doctor's note.

It's Thursday! :D The Amazing Race Asia (Season 4) premiered today on AXN - and it was sooo awesome! Despite the fact that I slept at 7am this morning - finishing my Marketing essay - and woke up at 9am to get to a full day of classes, I was bouncing off the chairs during the hour-long episode!

This it totally my favourite season to date because of the two Monash graduates in the race, representing Malaysia! :D I knew Khairie a little bit on campus before he graduated (classmates in Malaysian Cinema) and never knew Ethan, but they're so super duper fun to watch! Thanks to the hilarious duo, TARA 4 totally rocks :P And of course, because of other very entertaining contestants as well!

P.S: I'm getting a pair of Doc Martens knockoffs from Sarah (Agape Boutique) - I've decided that the real thing is just unnecessary for me, hehe :P Black boots, come to meee!
Comes in a whole array of colours too, so pretty right? :D