Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spring Chickens.

So today, Pos Malaysia officially resumed work again, fresh from the Merdeka break! :D Can you believe this country is 53 years into independence already? Depending, of course, on your definition of "independence".

Anyway, I did my welcome-back-to-work part by keeping my neighbourhood postman busy - delivering 7 out of 8 items that are due to arrive this week. :D I'm a little bit concerned that the double-finger ring didn't arrive along with all its shiny new friends, but I probably should give it another 24 hours before freaking out over a lost parcel.

2 dresses, 1 jumpsuit, 1 bag from Top Hauz

I love love LOVE Top Hauz! The first parcel I opened was the bag, and the quality is seriously sooo good. I was really amazed, because I'd see the catalogue picure heaps of times in other stores before, and the real thing was always so blah - but this time, the item was even nicer than the picture. Now that's a first, right? :D It was flawless and really beautiful.

And the dresses! The maxi dress from Korea is so pretty - although it's slightly sheer, glad I noticed it BEFORE I left the house this time, lol! - so safety pants will be mandatory. And the jumpsuit from Japan is so comfortable and nice! The Forever21 minidress is also super cute - especially the cutting - but I can't zip it up (*wails*) all the way so I need to lose more weight first :(

Basically Top Hauz is a website that imports clothes and accessories from Korean, Japanese, and European stores - authentic products with top-notch quality assured :D The thing about online stores like Top Hauz is that people worry about how the products are gonna turn out, especially since it costs a lot more to shop there than the conventional locally/Bangkok-sourced blogshop - but now that I've got some personal shopping experience there, I'm really excited to blog about it (on YSK). :D And I love that the owner, Ms. Ong, is one of those store owners who care a lot about the customer and keeps us updated about the status of the items - very much like Wai Kuan from Korean Fashion Station :)

The other two items to rave about: my floral biker jacket (it fits perfectly, thank goodness! it looked tiny when I opened the parcel) and the Twilight merchandise shirt! Hallelujah!

The quality - superb! 100% pre-shrunk cotton, made in Honduras - and proclaims my eternal love for the fictitious Edward Cullen without looking like a groupie.

P.S: Apart from the increasingly familiar world of Malaysian online shopping, I came across this bidding website via Eunice's blogshop today. And I believe *this* is the most-stalked page right now... I wonder who's going to get to buy that iPad for, say, RM15? It's so exciting because everytime someone places a bid, the clock is reset to 2 minutes. If no-one else bids for that item within those 2 minutes, you win! I reckon if you're bidding for something you really want, it's going to be the longest 2 minutes of your life :P For the time being, I think I'll only join the website if they put up an Olympus Pen E-PL 1 for bidding :D