Friday, 3 September 2010

Wonderfully weird shoes.

These last three months have witnessed my new love for great heights, ironically without actually bearing witness to me overcoming my fear of heights. And the Ultimate Height Challenge I'll ever have in my shoe cupboard may be the 14cm platform boots I bought today! :D

Inspiration: Balenciaga harness booties, made popular by one of the Olsen twins

Bought these off Kaireen who bought them one size too small for her from Kiss & Tell :)
She found the bigger size 40 on Miccaz

I've been intrigued by these booties for the longest time, but never dared to order them online because I didn't think I'd fit the sizing :P Luckily, Kaireen offered to let me try them on in uni (fyi: the location of many, many COD sessions conducted by young female shoppers in Klang Valley) - and then it was instant love! :D

Sparks flew, a carboot transaction took place, and I went home with my homework, a big smile, a CLEO magazine (September issue, as Lyn-Xiu recommended!), a chess board and a pair of gigantic new boots. Oh, the odd things one can find in a uni student's bag.

PS: To anyone reading this interested in buying a pair of Balenciaga booties yourself, the sizing is amazingly accurate - my feet are exactly 25cm in length, and they fit size 39 perfectly :) Follow the sizing on the sidebar!