Sunday, 31 October 2010

"Are you supposed to be Oprah Winfrey?"

Happy Halloween! This year was my first Halloween celebration, ever! :D

At Switch dance/costume studio, costume-hunting with Maria!

Omg. Almost every costume you can think of. No superhero or Disney stuff though :P

Maria picked out a Kiera Knightley-esque pirate ensemble, while I gleefully rented a yellow feather boa!
Lots of people taking pics of costume-wearers - I have no idea where our photos are going to end up, but this one was taken by hotmagazine (took this off their Facebook :D)

Jessica Rabbit in sizzling red! Yowza!

Havana Club - some of the best costumes in Changkat Street halloween celebrations.

My yellow feather boa :D Only glitch was the trail of yellow chicken feathers I left all around Changkat street.

Maria and Haries in pirate costumes! (And doesn't Haries look like Adam Lambert?!)

'Are You Volkswagen Enough?' Street Party, Changkat Bukit Bintang

First stop was drinks at The Ceylon Bar, where I tried malibu pineapple and some cosmopolitan :D

Wheeeee! I wasn't actually wearing a costume, just the feather boa and false eyelashes - but Haries was like, "Wait, wait, let me guess! Are you supposed to be Oprah Winfrey?" so yeah. I was "Oprah" -_-" LOL.
Super delicious and ginormous serving of nachos (shared among 3 of us) for RM27 :)

Alamak, bumped into someone with the same costume! :P

The bar scene at a club called Twentyone

I found a bubble feature in Twentyone which makes for awesome photo filters :P

The awesomeness of my yellow feather boa!

The only problem about being so near to the DJ is partial temporary deafness for the rest of the night.

Leona Lewis!! Woohoo!

These ah guas were the focus of many many many photographs by passersby! :D
Leona Lewis! :D The Veronicas also played but I didn't get to see :(

The Volkswagen street party/concert :D Thank goodness it didn't rain la!

The most popular costume was actually scary masks :D


The Volturi!! OMG!!! :D :D :D

Jessica Rabbit, bloodied lady and catwoman?

The Princess and the frog! :D

Red Indians! :D
The UN Conference. LOL.

Halloween decor is so cool!

Lychee martini and long island iced tea.

The unbelievably talented Michael Jackson impersonator, Reizo Zen!

I spent like 20 minutes watching Reizo's impersonation vids on his iPhone, haha! SO AMAZED!

Havana club :)

Overall it was SO FUN but I am so tired! I feel like I'm half awake and half asleep, lol. I'm so glad Dr Sony granted a sudden blanket extension until Friday for the sports assignment. Between the Media Law exam yesterday morning and the all-night Halloween partying, I think I've had about a total of 7 hours sleep in the last 48 hours. Oh Sleep, I shall embrace thee~


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