Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I feel so grown up ...

... I reckon I now have the authority to say, "Shush! The grown-ups are talking."

Behold - the power stemming from my very first carton of business cards! :D Technically, it's my first three cartons - because of a "buy 2 free 1" deal that was just too good to resist - so now I have 300 silky smooth art cards with my very own name on the back!

Mei helped me design the card on Adobe Illustrator (which I don't know how to use, yet) and Jimmy is now my "name card printing guy" :P It's hard to find responsible printers, so he's a real gem! He even came over to my house today to hand me the cards personally :D And RM50 for 300 cards is such a good deal! (His RM85 for 1000 cards package is an even better deal, but I didn't think I needed so many cards.)

And it's officially November, which is my birthday month! :D One year older, none the wiser :P Mum took me shopping today in 1U and bought me my birthday present - a silky smooth, deliciously long crossback jumpsuit from Miss Selfridge! :D :D :D I'm totally in love with it, the length is perfect for me in heels and it's so comfy. Plus we got a 20% discount because it's my birthday month! HEHEHE.

Sorry yah, can see the jamban in this picture :P My camera battery went flat so I had to use my cellphone - which I haven't perfected the skill of holding yet for mirror shots!