Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Rocking the gleek.

There's no world-class institution like a world-class institution with a dozen bazaars in every semester. :D

My gleek thrift today: Bling lens-less glasses from A Fashion Story! Leave a comment if you'd like to use that coupon code, hehe!

Eyebags schmyebags! These sleep-deprived eyes are a testament to my late nights toiling over my defamation law essay, among a gazillion other assignments. :D I wear them as proudly as any good gleek does!
And I dug out one of my dad's old uniforms from the wardrobe in the guest room, so now I'm going to use his epaulettes and badge instead of buying new ones! :D Although I'll still attempt to make my own, Mei said she's going to teach me - and I can blog about it! Yay!