Sunday, 10 October 2010

Who takes the Lazy home?

Why De is still at the "Methods & Metholodogies" of her Honours thesis and I'm 1800 words away from finishing a 2500-word essay due tomorrow night:
Denise: I am so lazy, I don't even want to walk out to go get my dinner.
Me: I am so lazy that sometimes I just eat cold food instead of heating it up first.
Denise: I am so lazy, I'd even just go get a carrot to munch on. But I have no carrots.
Me: I am so lazy, when I was in London I was so lazy to wash knives and plates that I just ripped the bread and stuffed ham inside so I wouldn't have to wash anything except my hands!
Denise: Hahaha. I do that all the time. lol. that's normal sha. Once i was lazy to bring out the washing board. Tried cutting the fruit on my hand. Dumbest idea ever.
Me: Hahahahahahahahhaha. That's a good one!
Denise: Yay i win? lol

Hopefully everyone else is just as lazy as we are :P Although I was up until 4 a.m. finishing a Marketing assignment, and spent 3 hours yesterday evening interviewing my profile athlete for sports journalism ... leaving my law essay to work on today :(