Friday, 1 October 2010

October ASOS Pinings.

Cooped up at home researching for my law essay is making me increasingly depressed. Sigh. It is so irritating that ASOS doesn't even ship to Malaysia. My country doesn't even exist on their shipping options :( Why? Do the postal services not send items here?! C'mon! They ship to Singapore, Myanmar, Morocco and hundreds of other countries - but not Malaysia.

Even though ASOS is a UK-based online store, it ships free to the U.S.. Typical. I watched a movie called "Crossing Over" the other day, and was so moved by the stories. It was about illegal immigrants trying to be Americans. America is recognisably a fantastic place for all its opportunities - and unlimited variety of clothes and accessories - but wanting to live in a place you are not born in can get real shitty, real fast. Pretty darn good movie. Lots of recognisable actors for an indie film.

Floral Jumpsuit

Drapey Blazer

Bandeau Playsuit
Kickflare Trousers
Button Playsuit