Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tatty! is the new Yay!

I love Whatsapp, but sometimes it's just embarassing to chat with auto-corrections. Hahaha! And to press "Send" without checking what I typed first. "Corrections" have included:
  • Yay! = Tatty!
  • Msgs = Nags
  • Mwahs = Mesh
  • Grr = Gee
  • Jrn (Journalism) = Jen
  • There is umbrella to borrow = There us unbrallas to borrow
And the rave reviews were true - the iPhone 4 does take pretty darn good pictures! :) The front-facing camera isn't as clear as the "normal" camera, but it's still awesome. Hehe. iPhone pros Jung Ai and Jenny were "training" me on what they deem the proper way to use the camera. Thank goodness for them though, otherwise I couldn't even find the feature to change wallpapers. Lol!

A new sushi bar opened in the cafeteria today - and students were queueing for, like, an hour each! The sushi was quite tasty though, Ai bought me one after I stood in line with her for half an hour to queue for her sushi. :D

And we celebrated little Jenny's 21st birthday! :D In advance too, because November 4th is smack in the middle of her exams :( Shang and I bought her a JC white-and-gold wrap bracelet, a Pacman tank dress, and a geometric zipper bustier :D And Hammy wrote a card on recycled paper.

Overall a happily safe start for my new yellow friend :D Although I still get paranoid when other people are holding it. Heeee.
Yellow iPhone: birthday present from Daddy :)
Yellow pencil: loyal mechanical pencil since Form 4
Yellow Tetris ring: customized at The Brollies, but broken by Pos Laju :(
Will try to fix it!

P.S: I love talking to An Nie on loudspeaker at my work desk :) Yeah, I know, I'm so excited that I even took a photo of my very first verbal conversation on the new phone! :D