Saturday, 6 November 2010


Does anyone have any idea how to solve this Level 4 puzzle? I've only gotten this far every time and can't get the last four white ROLOs to line up at the corner :P

It's dawning upon me now that I'll be 22 years old in exactly 24 days. I don't know whether to bummed or happy. On one hand, birthdays are the reason for getting presents. On the other hand, my mum is depressing me by saying 22 isn't young anymore and my skin is going to go to the dogs if I don't start slapping skincare goo all over. And that if I don't seriously lose weight like pronto, then all the extra poundage is gonna stick with me Forever. With that capital F.

Age is a sordid affair because it bears you down and forces you to lug around a sack full of responsibilities.

On the other other hand - are three hands allowed in such self-reflection? - 22 seems so young still! If I were turning 50 in 24 days, I would be saying something along the lines of "how I wish I were 22 again", right?

My worst fear is getting a quarter-life crisis at 25 like so many 25-year-olds before me. What do I hope to have accomplished at 25? A degree, perhaps a postgraduate degree, and a hook into a stable, fulfilling job?

But what if the world ends in 2012 and all that planning goes down the toilet, right? :P