Friday, 5 November 2010

FaceTime means something different now.

I love my iPhone for so many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that it brings me closer to my best friend :) An Nie was not only the first person who called me on my new phone, but now she's got a fourth-generation iPod Touch and we can FaceTime, PingChat!, and Skype like anywhere! :D Incidentally today was also my first FaceTime experiment! :D Wheee!

While I haven't "seen" An in person in a couple of months because of both our crazy schedules, now I can "see" her thanks to a couple of Apple products and wi-fi! (My laptop doesn't have a webcam, so the FaceTime concept is very new to me, hehe.)

Another reason to love Apple is for apps like the IKEA catalogue - which I just discovered and am downloading excitedly now :D :D :D

In summary, if you're wondering whether or not to get an iPhone (4, but not necessarily 4), here are some pros in my personal opinion:
  1. Keeping in touch with loved ones has never been easier. Truly. Especially with FaceTime.
  2. Front-facing camera! Zomg!
  3. The coolest apps imaginable - my favourite types are photography apps, social networking apps, language learning apps and games.
  4. The visual display is so beautiful. The technology is just really stunning. How do they cram in so much awesomeness into a tiny thing?? It's a mini computer, basically.
  5. It's great to stay plugged to the Internet - especially if your line of work involves online correspondence (like what I do with Your Shopping Kaki).
  6. If you're constantly looking for new things to see, play, learn - you'll never be bored again as long as you have your iPhone with you. As Jenny says, "Once you go iPhone, you never go back." :P
And the cons:
  1. It's expensive in countries like Malaysia. There are countless cheaper alternatives that serve the same purpose.
  2. If you don't jailbreak your iPhone, you have to pay for some of the best apps out there. (I couldn't jailbreak mine because of some mystical technical issue. Lol.) If you jailbreak your phone, you void your warranty.
  3. Fingerprints are magnetically attracted to the screen protector. So I have to keep a little pink dustcloth close to it at all times.
  4. There's still plenty of room for improvement - e.g. no quick button to turn on the camera, Gmail on the iPhone doesn't have the best qualities of Gmail that we love.
  5. The battery drains pretty fast because you'll do so much on the phone. I'd say it would last 2 days on minimal usage, lower brightness and turn off wi-fi. On normal days it lasts exactly one day, but half a day if you're playing games (read: Tap Tap Revenge 3).
  6. There is a danger of spending more time on your phone than with the people you're spending time with.
Hope that helps! :)