Thursday, 4 November 2010


That's how we're supposed to end our news stories in journalism assignments. "END." To make it clear, in case it wasn't, that the story has indeed ended. Hahaha.

And so today marked the END of yet another journalism assignment - the sports news page I've been working on for the past three weeks. Phew! Despite my griping and hating on the unit at the beginning of the semester, I guess on hindsight I can look back gratefully at this forced opportunity. I learnt Adobe InDesign and so much stuff about sports that I could maybe infiltrate a sports bar without blowing my cover for five whole minutes. A sixth minute would require an advance course in sports reporting :P Bear in mind that I started from zero just three months ago.

Spot my assignment: it's the one with "NEWSPORT" as the banner :D Calyn (the girl pictured below)'s one is "SPORTS Central", next to mine!

The lack of parking spaces annoys me, but the learning aspect of every single subject and semester is one of the greatest things I love about Monash. :D

And I'm feeling sentimental because it was the LAST day of uni for many of my friends today! Yup, they graduate this year. Including Calyn, who I'm totally gonna miss so much :( But at the same time I'm so happy for them that they're graduating! :)

Stephanie Jacob, Irene, Calyn and I spent a good part of an hour at A&W after handing in assignments, just reminiscing about lecturers. LOL. There are no lecturers like Monash lecturers, let me assure you of that!

There's Mr Ang, our litigator-lecturer (litigator by day, lecturer by 5pm!) who perfected the art of answering questions without answering questions.

Students: Will the exam be easy or hard?
Mr Ang: It will be as easy as you can imagine it to be.

Students: How long should our answers be in the test?
Mr Ang: You will not have to write more than you need to write.

And then there's the all-time student-quoted favourite: "Don't worry, it's not hard. You either know it or you don't. It's like mathematics. Except this is law, so it's not mathematics."

And then there's Dr Sony, whom I'm going to be working with over the summer for at least one news piece - something like profile stories. Carpe diem and we'll see how that pans out, right? Hehe. Will definitely blog about it when the time comes!

In the meantime, the Second Media Age exam is on the 12th of November and I have to start studying for it tomorrow. HEHE. Calyn and I squeezed in some shopping time at the Zara warehouse sale in Atria this afternoon after school :P

My haul: Denim zip-up bustier and two embellished-shoulder khaki tees. Instant epaulettes! Wheeee. Calyn bought really really really awesome things too - six gorgeous pieces of clothing that would otherwise have cost a BOMB at Zara, including high-waisted shorts, three bodysuits, one of the embellished tees I bought (but one size smaller of course :P), and a vintage-inspired nude wrap dress. YUM. Go go go go see the Zara sale now! It ends this Sunday.

Happy Diwali!