Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Who would've guessed?

Infants are fascinating beings. When babies are born, they are gurgling balls of cuteness and infinite possibilities. My infant acquaintance, Nikki, is to me quite an unpredictable and unfathomable subject of endless interest.

What is she like? What does she like? What will she be? What does she want to be? What will be she be like? What can anyone predict about infants aged zero to two? They're so adorkable and impossible to understand.

Who would've guessed that this child, me at age one or two, would ...

... be able to memorise effectively under pressure only when lifting weights and jumping around her bedroom?

... consider "hanging out with her best friends" to include activities such as spending an hour in Jung Ai's car experimenting with "Bump" and other iPhone-to-iPhone apps?

... grow up to wake up one day and discover her parents have hung angpows all over the front porch roof to chase away the bats?

... or find herself utterly addicted and in love with Tap Tap Revenge 3, to the point of seeing the world in red, blue and green rhythmic baubles when dreaming?

And I feel like a hobo because I didn't even have time to do anything today besides working on my sports journalism assignment. I'm seeing double.