Monday, 22 November 2010

Stick a flag in it.

It's not often that a slice of cake becomes the talk of the town. But Ikea - my Disneyland of furniture - has done it again, and the hot reputation of their Daim cake got May Yen and I so curious that we went there today just to eat the cake!

Gotta give Ikea props - the cake was every bit as delicious as our friends say it is! :D A quick Google search tonight also made me realise how famous this particular type of cake has always been :P

Guilty as a meatball that we of course veered from our original intent of going there only to eat the cake :P Who goes to Ikea and doesn't eat their meatballs and fries? Hehe! I never thought eating meatballs with strawberry jam was awesome until I ate it in Ikea's food court.

Then of course we went shopping! :D Since May Yen hasn't been shopping in aeons - well, aeons to a shopping kaki at least :P - she bought some cute stuff while I just window-shopped.

It was really nice to hang out with May Yen again, we haven't hung out since the summer of 2008 when we were both interning at the women's NGO centre. :)

Btw, if you're looking for skinny belts, I've never seen a larger variety of nice ones than in Brands Outlet :D Affordable too!

Less affordable is the multi-purpose wrap braid I want from Diva :( I took a photo to remind myself to pounce on it the moment it goes on sale :D