Monday, 22 November 2010

There's no mall like Amcorp Mall.

On Sunday, Calyn and I finally decided we'd go to Amcorp Mall! :D Well, I finally decided - it was my first time to the much-talked-about Amcorp Sunday flea market and the mall in general, whereas Calyn's been there plenty of times before. :D

And after a couple of hours there, I can safely say I've found my go-to place for vintage clothes and affordable books! :) And kooky, quirky things like vinyl records, coin collections, collectors' items like action figures, paintings, charm bracelets, and just most things imaginable. It truly is a flea market - excluding the fleas - but these are your friends, neighbours, teachers setting up stalls on Sundays in the spirit of garage sales :D A very fascinating marketplace!

I thought the bookstore in Atria was all I needed for a complete bookworm experience, but that was before I saw the bookstores in Amcorp. WOW. They have the latest titles at the cheapest prices - Harry Potter books for RM20 each, Twilight books for RM18 each, every chick lit, fantasy, horror, science fiction, biography, cooking, self-help genre ... just wow. The one we spent the most time at was a bookstore called "BookXcess" (L3-60 | 03-79560455).

I don't think I'll ever forget it - for two reasons. First, there are so many book titles available and the prices are super affordable. Second, I seem to be the only person in my social circle who can sustain injuries in a cosy, harmless bookstore. I took a book out and it caused the other books to topple, and for some highly intelligent reason, I used my wrist to block the books from falling instead of my hand. So yup, now I have an increasingly gigantic bruise on my right wrist that hurts when I bend my hand down. :( Nothing Dr Sloan can't fix, though :P

Anyway, inevitable clumsiness aside - photos of the vintage stall we found :D

That's Calyn in the picture above, hehe, trying on a totally girly vintage dress for kicks :P The two dresses below are the ones she liked:

The clothes are of vintage designs but are technically brand new because they've never been owned by anyone before. The stall owner said she imported them from Japan - not the first time I've heard a vintage stall owner say the clothes are imported from Japan. I didn't realise vintage was such a big thing there. Hmm.

And this was the vintage dress I totally fell in love with :D Surprise, surprise, it's yellow ;)

Our resulting moderate purchases for the day! Calyn bought one of the vintage dresses, two sets of earrings and rings, and an art thingy that was suitable for ages 3 and up :P
I bought the yellow vintage dress (who's surprised?), a Terry Pratchett book (man, I do love his books!), and a chain necklace for DIY purposes :D

Don't ask me why we arranged the items like that for the photos. LOL. We were leeching off a Secret Recipe table when we didn't order anything there, so you'd think we would try not to attract attention by arranging makeshift stalls on our seats, but nope. We had to take these pictures :P