Monday, 22 November 2010

Two humans and one GPS later.

I don't know how I can have both the inability to navigate roads and the inability to follow a GPS' instructions properly, but one wrong turn later my GPS was dictating me on a Road To Nowhere instead of Road To Sunway Giza. Fortunately, I had a "human GPS" with me in the form of my best friend of 13 years, Tse Mun :D

"Don't listen to your GPS, it's being stupid" aren't usually the words you want your passenger to say - but in this case, the human GPS trumps the Garmin GPS.

Have I said how happy I am that Tse Mun is back from Adelaide for good? :D She was only there for a year but it felt like too long. Seriously, there's no friend like a friend who's known you since you were both 9 years old - there's just no need for pretense! :) They know your entire history and have obviously stuck by your side through whatever turmoils your past may have - there's no need to explain anything or worse, explain yourself.

So we went to the Weekend WingDing - what a cute name! - bazaar on Saturday at Sunway Giza, but (I) got hungry and we went to eat in a restaurant/boutique in the place - Full House :) It's actually not critically-acclaimed for its menu, but the chicken teriyaki burger was good :D And we learnt the hard way that it's better not to eat there on weekends because the very value-for-money set lunches are only available on weekdays. Boo!

In terms of competing bazaar venues, I guess one advantage that Sunway Giza has over TTDI Plaza is the variety of good eateries available - even a hypermarket! :D

We went there with the full intention of actually proper shopping, but I don't know how and I don't know why but we kinda ended up only window-shopping! :S It may have been due to spending all our time and energy chit chatting with friends (who were vendors), and Tse Mun's really friendly so she chit chat with them too after I introduced her. :D

What I did come home with: "invisible tape" from Michelle - the kinda thing I've always read about people using but never used it before :D And it was only RM3! Then I picked up the "Squeem" corset thingamajig that I'm assigned to do a product review on. Pretty awesome product, but I guess you'll read about that on YSK, hehe.

And then I was going to buy that hairband from Soak Republic, but Tse Mun beat me to the punch and bought it for my birthday :) So sweet! I really love it - especially since I did pick it out myself after trying on all the ones I liked haha!

While on the topic of presents - Michelle surprised me with a bag of Christmas presents! Awww. I almost never get Christmas presents because I'm not a Christian and by equation don't technically celebrate Christmas - so this was so nice! :)