Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Misi Cari Makan

My Misi Cari Makan team from the Kanna Curry House adventure jumped at another public holiday today, and off we went to Fat Spoon - a much-raved restaurant in Damansara Uptown! :D

Me - discovering a cool mirror in Mei's car. Mei - driving. Cynthia - reading newspaper.

Like a smash between oriental Baba/Nyoya stylistics and contemporary cafe ideas.

Like chalkboard menus - a very "in" thing now in trendy cafes.

Or putting pages from old storybooks as coasters!

And then they serve Lou Shu Fun. Hahahaha. Which is so Malaysian!

And they have customers like Cynthia who wear robot-cartoon-printed shirts and bring newspapers.

And people like me who orders RM4.90 prawn fritters for brunch.

The prawn fritters were delicious :D
It's like every table has different chairs, and I got the yellow chair! :D

The blueberry cheesecake was truly delicious! See how we started to eat it before I even took the pic.

Mei ordered an RM3.90 Creme Caramel - nice but not as nice as bluberry cheesecake :D

Your visit ends with your bill being delivered to you as a "bookmark" in an ancient storybook like the one above!

Cute artsy place right? :D Food is good too, and prices are very affordable :) Definitely recommended!

After we fattened ourselves at Fat Spoon - sorry, the Pung couldn't resist the pun! - we stumbled upon this little store with really interesting items! :D For example, I'm in love with the prints of this luggage box. Someday, I want a luggage bag with prints like this!

I'd have bought this one if the handle wasn't so darn hard to use. I wish it was like a trolley bag. Hahaha.

And there were all sorts of beauty products. And a hair diffuser that I really want to get!

Mei has her eye set on a portable sauna. Hehe!

And then Mei insisted we go eat cupcakes at Cupcake Chic :D I love the peanut butter flavoured cupcakes!

Finally, for dinner we decided to go to IKEA to eat meatballs. And for Cynthia to obsess about the damage to her wallet. LOL.

Evidence below - can you see the numbers? LOL!

Note-to-self: IKEA is crazy on public holidays. Crazy to find parking, crazy to queue for anything - whether meatballs or currypuffs!

And yet we queue anyway. LOL. The food is delicious of course!

On an unrelated note, funny poster on the road:

And I got my aeroplane ring! :D The one Mei helped me pick up from Sara (Zikkos.com) :D LOVE IT.

Cynthia: It's not very you, an aeroplane.
Mei: Then?
Cynthia: She looks like she should wear flowers blooming -
Me: Oh like the ring you got me lah?

Cynthia gave me two yellow rings for my birthday. Now it makes perfect sense why one is a rose encased in glass. Hehe!

P.S: Nichii is having an awesome sale right now! :) With new maxi dresses too - at 10% discount :D I tried these on and bought one, hehe!


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