Saturday, 15 January 2011


Shangari taught me a new word the other day, Jonah, to describe bad luck. Or maybe Jonah is the opposite of Lady Luck.

Bad Luck #1
Last night when Yi Ping and I were doing my previously-deemed-impossible feat of going back all the way to my very first Facebook post - all it takes is less than an hour and a very crazy determined look in your eyes! - I found out that an old schoolmate un-friended me on Facebook! I'm a little shocked and more than a little hurt when I suddenly couldn't access her profile to write on her wall. :( And all I wanted to say was that I thought it was so sweet that she was the very first person to write on my Facebook wall when I first joined Facebook 4 years ago. :(

While I'm no stranger to unfriending people if they aren't actually my friends or start sending me creepy or frequent commercial messages, I swear I didn't spam her or do anything untoward towards her this past year that prompted her to click the "Unfriend" button. The last contact I had with her was in December 2009.

Oh well! I think I'm too old to worry about this kind of thing anymore. Lol. I gotta let it go. Grow up, Sha-Lene!

Bad Luck #2
The cherry on top of the Jonah cake - I don't think I'm using the word correctly anymore though :P - is that my beloved new laptop is suffering from an unidentified problem and keeps crashing on me.

Bad Luck #3
I was in Taylor's Lakeside Campus with An Nie on Tuesday. We were in her car, pulling out of the parking bay when the side of her car scratched against the pillar. She was rather distraught, and I felt horrible because she was so down. And I couldn't help thinking, what if I had been totally quiet while she was driving to turn right? The car was still too close to the pillar on the driver's side, but would she have noticed? She keeps saying it's not my fault because she's driven against a pillar before - and therefore has the tendency to scratch pillars - but I still think I was a factor. Car accidents have too many variables.

I don't know what I should do to turn my luck around.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I attempted to email you pertaining to this post but aren?t able to reach you. Please e-mail me when get a moment. Thanks..

Anonymous said...

My cousin was deleted from my FB account by FB. She asked me about it, and I told her I thought she unfriended me. Haha! She's not the first to disappear on my list.

Sha-Lene said...

Lol! Thanks for the words of comfort! :) Although in this case it was no accident (she really did unfriend me. lol!)