Saturday, 15 January 2011

Store credit.

After I did LASIK, I was left with about nine months' supply of daily disposable contact lenses. I mean, most people who use contact lenses will buy them in bulk to save money - so every year, I got a year's supply from Cambridge Optical. :D

The original plan was to change the power to my friends' ones so they could buy over the contacts - but then Cambridge didn't allow that and decided to give me store credit instead.

I totally prefer store credit! :D Well, cash is king but store credit is the next best thing. ;)

So yesterday, I went to Cambridge and used less than half my store credit on a gorgeous new pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. :D It's burgundy! And pretty big!

I wanted yellow, but mum said, "Don't be ridiculous." :(


jean` said...

How do you find your eyes noww???

Mine "over-healed" and became long sighted WTF! (left eye only).. so I went back for an enhancement about a year after and that was really seconds, just the doc holding a syringe to my eye and 2 seconds "Hmm, okay, all good now." Say whaa....?

After alllll that, they are 15/15 yo!

Sha-Lene said...

Hi jean! :) I think my left eye is a bit longsighted too LOL but my checkup is this Saturday so I'll get my "progress report" then hahaha XD But your enhancement sounds alrite!!