Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Insert emo statement here.

The toilet doesn't work.
I haven't slept for longer than 5 hours in almost a year unless I am knackered.
You overreact. So I overreact. And I see the molehills from far, far away.

I didn't tell my best friends. They have no idea. I wish they knew.
There is always an elephant in the room. It's black.

I want to be alone. I have nowhere to hide. Is there a library nearby.
The more crowded. The better. I can finally be faceless. Nameless.

I know you sacrifice. I hate when you say I don't realise it.
Guilt is a terrible weapon. Watch people self-destruct. Just watch.
It's like stadiums imploding. Mushrooms in the air.

Nowhere to go. No place to be. All I can confide are half-stories.
Define lucky. How many ways are there to break a heart.

I don't tell you because I don't want to burden you more.
Push me. Stop.

I want to grow up. Am I grown up. How do you measure it.
We're past the chalkmarks on the wall. 168cm.
Pull me. Stop.

There is someone. There are people. Onetwothreefourfivesix.
I don't remember things anymore. I try to forget.

Stop using me. Stop abusing me. What do I owe you.
Let me pay you back. Why are there so many backpages.
It's everywhere I go. Vultures haunt and circle. Waiting.

I miss writing like this. I miss being honest with myself.
Please. Call me selfish again. I need to be punished and there is no better rod.