Friday, 20 May 2011

Ride of your life.

I think people always remember their firsts. First love, first kiss, first pet, first car.

The first car my family had - that I can recall from when I was a tot - was a boxy blue-grey Volvo.

I don't actually remember anything about that car, because when I was a few years old we got a new car ... a boxy brown Volvo. LOL. I think we can safely conclude that my family liked Volvos back then.

Then when I was old enough to understand what tuition classes meant (i.e. the end of fun after school), we had a Perodua Kancil. This little white car, Mr. Bean-esque in its size, launched my family's vehicular career in "cars with no backside".,_third_facelift)_(front),_Seri_Kembangan.jpg

When I was in Form 1, my parents got fancy and bought a Fiat Punto, a "continental car". And the only reason I know it's a "continental car" is because that's their answer to a lot of questions - why is the steering wheel like that? how come it can go so fast so quick? how come the antennae is in the middle?

The answer: "Because it's a continental car." LOL. And seeing how much my parents must love this car, they must have not been too happy when I spilled Milo all over the backseat when I was 13. :/

And then, for my 18th birthday, my parents bought me my first - and only - car. :D The Perodua Myvi!

Told you we don't like cars with backsides anymore lol. Hatchbacks are a lot easier to do reverse parking with!

Especially since it's evident I don't do front parking very well to begin with...

In just 3 short years of driving, I could fill entire dinner conversations with the embarrassing stories of my parking adventures. For one thing, strangers are always feeling compelled to direct me in parking - strangers from the car wash opposite the parking space I'm trying to reverse into (next to the pillar somemore!), strangers from the office in front of the space I'm trying to park into to bring my friends to eat steamboat ... strangers in Monash who, at one point, even had to take my driver's seat and park my car for me. LOL.

And it's good that I drive an affordable local car because I'm not the best of car owners. I've driven up many curbs and misplaced my car many times...

One of my "Where did I park my car??" moments:

But when I do find my small apple-green vehicle, I really cherish it ... it's a private little space with air-conditioning and MixFM/LiteFM on the radio ... and even if there's a traffic jam, I can reply SMSes when the lights are red. :D

Ride of my life, story of my life. Lol.