Monday, 20 June 2011

That last paper.

Today was it. That last exam paper to sit for, those eight handwritten pages that were the end-product of hours of cold sweat and held-back tears of panic, the regurgitation of effectsreceptionusesandgratifications theories that I will never need to apply in any foreseeable day job ...

But this was my routine, my careful preparation - followed by sleepless cramming - before every exam for the past six semesters, i.e. the past three years of my life.

Not many know that this simple act of finishing "that last paper" means more to me than the regular undergraduate - you see, this is my second attempt at a university degree. :) After dropping out of law school, I began to fear if I had it in me - was there something inherently wrong with me, inside, that would render me incapable of finishing anything? What if there was a psychological "quitter" pattern hardwired into me? Forget the Electra Complex, did I have a Quitter Complex?

So I'm glad I finished my exam today. :) I didn't quit this degree - on the contrary, I finished it - and this means a lot to me! :D

Rene and I roflmaoed in the car on the way back from Monash, and I took this picture to remember today by (see how pretty the sky is!):

And I'll have this on my Facebook to remember the hours counting down to that last paper:

Now that exams are over, let the R&R and nonstop celebrations begin! Hehehe! And I gotta catch up on my YSK work - time to rebuild and expand my pet project! And I wanna do a sleep experiment - see what happens if I don't sleep at all for 48-72 hours, lol!


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