Friday, 23 December 2011

One step at a time.

I've always had trouble coping with anxiety and stress, but while I've gotten better at it - there's still much room for improvement. Some articles that I find helpful to start taking on board, especially with the new challenges ahead in my life:

And I found a video that people from the same high school as me made. :D Eventhough it makes me feel ancient being part of the Form 5 class of 2005, lol - but brings back fond memories too. :) SMKDJ really was my second home for 5 years, 2001 until 2005!

Another video that's a must-watch - Timothy Tiah (founder of Nuffnang) proposes to his girlfriend Audrey using memes. Haha!

Finally sat myself down to watch the famous video of Steve Jobs' speech at Stanford, which I find really inspiring:

And now starting to watch Bill Gates' speech at Harvard also, lol:

Note that Bill Gates' speech is split into several videos, which you will find linked to the first. :) Enjoy!