Thursday, 23 February 2012

The dreaded tech problem.

"Oh my god Mummy, I finally fixed the malware on Your Shopping Kaki!"
"Don't hang so many clothes on your wardrobe door, the handle will spoil."
 As much as I love blogging, technical difficulties have haunted my stress levels on at least half a dozen occasions. There was that time I moved my blogspot to a dot com site and it wiped all my blogrolls away, and it was 48 frenzied hours before we figured out how to restore the 2,000 links I had painstakingly built on my website over months. There was that time I couldn't edit my widgets on my laptop so I had to camp the computer lab on campus to do my blog work. And this time, there was some sort of malware or virus linked to YSK - and I had no idea how to fix it.

For a week, I dealt with readers telling me the website was showing a malware warning. But thanks to Cynthia, Michelle, John and a retired engineer from New Orleans, we finally found the problem - and I fixed it today!

One blogroll thrown out, but one website saved.