Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tabletop messages.

Today I was making some notes for my GRE prep, and when I moved my papers I saw part of my notes imprinted on my white desk. They reminded me of those afternoons I was in Form 2, and I saw something funny someone from the morning session had written on my desk. It struck me as rather serendipitous that someone sat in my same desk all year, except he or she was in the morning session of secondary school and I was in the afternoon session. I replied on it, because the idea of how paths can cross in these strange ways intrigued me. The next afternoon, the first thing I did when I got to class was look at my desk.

And there it was, a friendly reply scrawled in blue ink. I never met the person, but it was my tabletop-message-friend for the rest of the year. I remember the jokes we shared, the gossip exchange about morning and afternoon session ... and how it was a sort of magical friendship, because it was just messages on a school desk. Kinda felt like I was in Hogwarts. :P