Thursday, 22 March 2012

Friend smuggling.

"This place is like an airport," An whispered, gazing wide-eyed up and down and all around on the sixth floor of Building 2 today.
After over three years in Monash University (Sunway campus), I finally got the chance to take my best friend on campus - the carpark, the cafeteria, the library. I smuggled her into the "Postgraduate Centre", where Honours students are each assigned a cubicle and locker, and where my Cubicle Number 3 is located.

Despite my supervisor sending me on another mental marathon - our weekly meetings being every Thursday morning - and feeling exhausted from meeting after meeting and discussion after discussion, I was happy I got to be with An today. It felt like the old days, sort of, when we used to hang out in the library "studying" during our matriculation year at Taylor's. I remember that was the year I met An, this wonderful girl who became my best friend, and in the library was where we really became close friends.

After we finished our South Australian Matriculation program, I always felt a little sad that An wasn't my classmate anymore. Every now and then, I find myself wishing that we were next-door neighbours. Sure, we only live a half hour away from each other, so we would hang out every now and then, and text and talk on the phone/Skype/FaceTime, but there's nothing like having that classmate you always sit next to, or you always have lunch with, and do your homework and assignments with. Today gave me a stolen moment - and even if it was only for a day, I feel like I must cherish it - of how nice it would be if An was in my face-to-face life everyday.