Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bear hugs.

"Granny's condition is getting worse," my best friend said to me this morning. "She had something called endoscopy just now? They will be planting a stamp next."
"Aww I'm sorry to hear that," I responded. "What's that?"
"Mummy just sent me a brief 'Wiki' explaining it," she mused. "Endoscopy is like travelling into her stomach. Like going through a tunnel. Mary and I were with her. Her growth is not one biji but thickening of the stomach wall. If the camera tube can go through til the small intestine then only can put the stem so that food can travel to intestine. Vomit cos of blockage. Food unable to reach intestine. This is the message she sent me. Going to Penang on Friday. To make matters worse, my mock presentation will be next Monday. I really miss your bear hugs now."
 P.S: I just registered for my GRE exam. Scheduled it for 19th July. I tried 3 times to make the credit card payment and it kept saying, "Error. Please try again later." Five minutes later, my dad tells me the credit card company called him to alert him of suspicious behaviour regarding the credit card. Lmao. :( Turns out I keyed in the expiry date wrong... didn't know how to read expiry date on credit cards!