Thursday, 31 May 2012

Char koay teow.

"I fell in love with someone today."
"Huh?" It was one of those things you'd hope you'd never hear.
"She walked into the store. She had your dimples and dark hair."
I had to smile, I was starting to see the point.
"She was a little girl," he went on. "She looked like what I imagine our daughter would look like. Love, I want to have a daughter with you someday." 

In the past two weeks, there's been at least three suicide cases in the region that I've found out about through Facebook. There was an 18-year-old girl who jumped off the 9th floor in Ang Mo Kio Avenue in Singapore. A 17-year-old Form Six student hanged himself in his flat in Penang. At 6am this morning, a PayPal employee threw herself off the 25th floor of a mall in Bandar Utama.

At least two of these cases were "akibat putus cinta" (due to relationship break-ups).

It makes me wonder if the proverb "better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all" is true. How do you cope with a lost love? How great does the love have to be when measured comparatively to all else there is that matters in the universe? People fall in love and break up everyday, but not everyone kills themselves over it. Some people break up over and over again and still end up back together. Sometimes breaking up with someone leads you to the discovery of someone better for you.

Anyway, fieldwork preparation for my dissertation is progressing nicely. I got in touch with a few bloggers (pleasantly surprised that people actually responded to my Call for Participants on YourShoppingKaki!), and the MHB people. I actually hope that my thesis will get published in some academic journal or other someday. :P I'd like to have written a pseudo-pioneering article about young Malaysian female bloggers, when many scholars don't even think local personal blogs are worthy of research yet.

"Dinner's ready :)" - E-mail from Mummy to go downstairs for dinner (with picture attached!).