Monday, 19 November 2012

Meet Hoku.

I emailed the first complete draft of my thesis to my supervisor last night, and he said, "Good work! Take a breather for a couple of days while I read through your thesis."

After a year of assignments, exams, and the past 2 months of frenetic thesis-dominated living, I wasn't saying no to that. So, I went to have lunch with Rene in Paradigm Mall and buy something I've been wanting. :D

Haha no, I didn't buy Drumstore. But I bought something from them!

That's right! An ukulele. :D

Drumstore had 4 colours available: brown, pink, red, and blue. That's Rene holding the pink one, but I decided to go for the brown one cos it felt more... earthly? Haha. :D

So yeah! Amidst all the paperwork that run my life, here lies a cute little ray of musical sunshine that I'm gonna learn to play!

I asked Willi to think of a nice Hawaiian name for my ukulele while he was at work, and he came up with Hoku. It means "star" in Hawaiian, and he proceeded to teach me how to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. :D I'm ecstatic lol.

So yeah, meet Hoku. :D I'll try to post up a video of the song once I figure out how to tune Hoku. Learnt how to play it, but it's all out of tune because I'm a noob. :P Gonna look at this after I've done my USC application and essay, and edit my thesis and hand it in. Lol.
P.S: I love the Internet. Got 2 awesome and free apps on my iPhone to help me tune Hoku. I use UkuTune to find out what GCEA are supposed to sound like, and aNueNue to check that it's right (sound detection app). I can't believe such cool things exist lol. And Ukulele tuning YouTube vids are in abundance, no wonder everyone says anyone can learn to play a ukulele using YouTube. Cool tip in this video. But gonna use this for basic tuning.