Friday, 1 March 2013

Brownie points and admission offers.

"Who is the prettiest?"
"No, who is the prettiest in this Miss Malaysia winners picture?"
"I'm not in the picture, dork!"
"Don't care, you're still the prettiest!"
Sometimes, that boy sure racks up brownie points like a professional brownie burglar. :P But it's nice to be told that I'm good looking, every girl deserves that! :) Tomorrow is Markets at Jaya One, I'm excited! It's not so much about the shopping (even though I do love shopping), but I'm excited to go out and chill and take photos of colorful, pretty things. And even more exciting - admission offers came in from USC and Cal State Fullerton too. I'm waiting for snail mails with more information so I can pick a grad school.

Yesterday was busy, and I mean actual busy, not fake busy when I just want to hole up at home and not talk to anyone. I had a meeting with Dr. Hah, the new journalism professor, and it was such a fun, productive meeting - charted out lesson plans, gave my honest feedback as a journalism graduate about what kinda lessons I wish I had had as an undergrad, and then rushed home to get ready for Niko to pick me up. The photoshoot last night with Aishop was fun. :) It's always fun to earn money and take pictures, haha.