Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Me: Damn, she's cray cray.
Darren: Every time you say cray cray, I die a little inside.
Me: Haha! I love you, dork.
Darren: I love you too. But seriously stop saying cray cray. *look of disapproval*
Today, I got my first letter of acceptance - from University of the Pacific. :D I was lying in bed checking e-mails on my phone when in it Dinged! in and I felt that huge wave of relief roll over me. I got into one school - which means California is in the bag. Well, kind of! I'm waiting for USC and a couple of other schools to reply me, but the point is that at least one school accepted me, so I can start grad school in the fall! Ermagerd ajshdkashdskadshajskdasa!

P.S: I start tutoring classes next week! Had a meeting with Dr Yeoh on Monday re Media Studies. Got a meeting with le new journalism professor tomorrow re my tutoring Journalism, as well as another modelling gig with Aishop tomorrow night. Yay! To quote Idiocracy, "I like money."