Sunday, 17 March 2013


"Miss Sha-Lene?"
"Oh, call me Sha-Lene."
"Miss Pung?"
"Eh, just call me Sha-Lene."
I guess Overly Polite Students are better than Downright Rude Students - the horror! - so I can't complain. :P It just feels so weird to be called Miss, or worse - by my last name. And then a girl from South Africa called me "Madam" and I was like ermagerd nooooooooooooo.

The weekend flew past, literally flew because it's 11pm on Sunday night already, and I'm all like "WHERE DID THE WEEKEND GO?!" Just because I went out with Jayne for dinner and shopping the whole Friday night, and then brunch with Cassandra and my mom the most of Saturday, and then hung out with Darren the rest of the weekend...

And now it's almost Monday again! Two lectures, six tutorials, one class trip to the courts, one facial appointment, one photoshoot gig, a dozen student consultation appointments, and dozens more emails await me this week. I know I'm going to be so tired by the end of the week, but I gotta remind myself that I'm a lucky rabbit's foot because I love my job. I love teaching, I love helping students, and the job satisfaction level that comes with this vocation is just... indescribable.

The bad news, though, is that I got ambushed by Freshman 15. ಠ_ಠ Which is ridiculous because I'm not even a freshman. I didn't work out for the past three weeks because I keep passing out after work, so... yeah... Darren got me to get back on the treadmill today by reminding me that my mom pays me RM5 per 30-minute session on the machine of boredom. Lawls. I gots to lose 18 kilos (like 40 lbs) to attain a societally-perceived ideal version of myself. D: I suppose it's still do-able since I'm still young-ish.

On the other hand, good news finally came in the form of my dissertation results! Hallelujah, I got High Distinctions from both examiners - resulting in a First Class Honours for my degree! :D

P.S: Something worth bookmarking in this online journal... Darren bought his tickets for Seattle! Yuppers, vacation time with the boyfriend and my parents this July - before grad school starts in August. ;)

I sent him a heart-shaped maneki-neko pillow for Valentine's Day. :P