Sunday, 7 April 2013

Paperwork killed the slacker star.

The mid-semester break whizzed past like a fruitfly on crack. It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm sitting at my too-high desk on my too-low footstool (because I broke my chair a few days ago and turtled to the ground on my tush) while trying to figure out my F-1 Student Visa application paperwork.

I think it's impossible to slack around after work when there are piles of paperwork to sort through - from salary claims and student papers at the university, to my medical, housing, orientation, and visa papers for USC. Visa application, in particular, is sending me reeling - I need so many things, from a 5cm x 5cm photograph to my birth certificate, bank statements, academic transcripts, standardized test scores, visa application payment receipts like SEVIS, a bunch of forms like the DS-160, and letters. I can't schedule my visa interview appointment til after I've got all my paperwork either.

But I know I need to get this done asap, because next month onwards I'm going to need to work on enrolling for classes, other academic prep, and pre-orientation preparation. I'm just feeling relieved I only need to work on one block of paperwork at a time! And then in June, I know I'll be busy grading assignments and exam papers. In July I'll be vacationing in Seattle with the family and Darren, and in August I'm moving my butt to California already. Time is gonna whiz by again.

I'm trying to maintain that work-life and left brain-right brain balance still... so that my innards don't dry up from being too boring. It's not easy, but one thing I'm doing is getting out my miniature sketchbook and mimicking the favorite cartoons of my childhood. I have to admit, I'm not an artist in any way - but this is a very relaxing hobby!

I attended Lydia's wedding last weekend, it was so glorious! The bride looked breathtaking, Sheila Majid performed a bunch of songs, and there were close to 350 guests. Had a much-needed girls' night out with my fellow shopaholic girlfriends last week as well. This weekend I had brunch with my mom, which is one of the rare things I think I'll miss about Malaysia - so I'm hoping to do this at least a few more times before I leave this country. :P

P.S: Another commitment-filled week ahead. Apart from visa, immunization, and orientation paperwork for USC, I need to decline the offers from other grad schools (whole other realm of paperwork there, lmao). Highlights of the week: lunch with Jayne tomorrow, a post-Easter surprise pop quiz I set for my five Media Studies classes (trololol), and my Best Honours Student Award ceremony on Friday. :) But this Friday is a 9am-4pm workday, with back-to-back classes and the ceremony taking up the entire 2-hour break I have. Hahah. And my Journalism students will have an assignment due next week, so I foresee being ambushed with questions in the next 10 days!  

P.P.S: My Honours thesis supervisor wants me to rework my 20,000-word dissertation and send it for publication. I don't have the time or energy for this right now, lol, but after the bulk of my paperwork is done I plan to work on it.