Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Jack Daniel's sauce, by any other name is just as sweet.

"What should I eat today?"
"Donut holes," I said.
"For lunch?"
"I've always wanted to try donut holes!"
"They're just like regular donuts," he laughed.
"It's like this - pets like cats, dogs, hamsters are like regular donuts, but donut holes are like Pokemon."
Time's a-flying, and it's seven weeks til vacation time with my parents and my Mr. Nerdily Ever After. In the meantime, though, I always knew that if I kept TGIF's on my sleeve in my blog banner, they'd bring back my favorite sauce someday. And they have! Jack Daniel's sauce is back, it's just that they're calling it Tennesee sauce now. It's been so many years, I don't care if they call it Periwinkle Balloon Fart Sauce.

P.S: Speaking of balloons, I seem to have picked up a whole array of new hobbies to keep up my work-life balance beyond just teaching, shopping, and eating. I'm learning how to make balloon animals (haha!), and rekindling my love for drawing and painting. :D I hope I can bring my ukulele to California so I can learn via YouTube with their hi-speed Internet instead of my slow-as home connection.

P.P.S: Malaysia had its 13th General Elections on Sunday, May 5th. It was my first time voting! It was an amazing experience, kinda like a sporting event. Things are a little tense post-GE because of the whole fierce urban/rural divide in the polling results. In fact, today was May 13, which is a grim reminder of the racial riots that befell Malaysia on May 13, 1969. Most people I know didn't even go out today because we're so paranoid, lol.

Recap of the past few weeks (starting to be a crappy diarist by going missing for big chunks of time!): Attended a faculty-wide teaching forum (it's still strange to think of myself as a teacher), went to my first full-on Malay wedding in Stadium Gemilang Yayasan Felda in KJ, vandalized my office cubicle til it looks like this, sorted out my visa and housing stuff (so much paperwork ermagerd), spent two weekends in a Mental Health First Aid training workshop because I figured my students would be stressed out and come to me (I am now certified to perform Mental Health First Aid! :D), received a shipment of 5 boxes of polvoron from one of my awesome gamer friends in the Philippines (I LOVE POLVORON), had a couple of photoshoots (I am now a freelance plus-sized model for a couple of online stores, to my surprise :o Got a job tomorrow too!), went out for a bunch of dinners and brunches to pig out on more sushi and burgers with my friends (explains the plus-sized thing pretty well, haha), helped my friend paint his apartment on Labor Day (that was a fun new experience :P), went to a couple of street markets, and went for a comic convention featuring local comic artists. :D It's been a productive and interesting past few weeks! I plan to try as many new experiences as possible in the coming months (and years, haha) - so keep the invitations coming! :P Lots of work ahead for work and USC too, time sure flies, lol.