Monday, 27 May 2013

The one to rule them all.

"The professor gave me the final exam paper today, since I'm marking the students' exams. I feel like I'm carrying a powerful secret - I feel like Frodo, after he got the ring!"
"Hahahaha that's not the best comparison, since Frodo went mental after he got the ring."

Today was evaluation day for Media Studies. Dr Yeoh handed out pieces of paper to everyone - well, I handed them out, haha, part of the perks of having a TA lmao - and asked students fold them into half. Then, he asked them to draw their experience of the course on to the front page. On the inside of the folded paper, he asked them to write down what they liked about the course, and what they disliked. The students were then told to write down, on the back cover, suggestions for improving the course. This was by far the most brilliant and effective technique of getting feedback I've come across so far. :D

The drawings were exceedingly creative. These are some of the most interesting ones!

As for the written comments, I felt really moved as I read the overwhelmingly positive feedback from students about my tutorials, teaching style, and overall personality. I still feel tempted to second-guess my teaching ability - I don't think I'm as good as they say I am, but I think I'm still a work-in-progress. I feel hopeful, and thrilled at the encouraging feedback. I'm blessed and very fortunate to have such a largely positive group of students in my first teaching experience!

These are some of the more elaborate comments about my teaching. Pardon the terrible photoshop work at the side, I was trying to fill in the space and make it look more... handwriting-feely. Haha. Evidently a failed artistic effort!

One artistic effort that definitely didn't fail, though, is this sketch of Darren and me by my talented friends at Momomonster Studio. :D

I'm really, really excited for next week because I'm getting a shipment of Paint-by-Numbers kits coming in from China! :D I'm going to start with the Snoopy one, once I get my hands on them. I hope the quality's decent!