Sunday, 26 May 2013

Out with the old,

and I refuse to start a blog post with a cliché.

With less than five weeks until my Seattle vacation with Darren and my parents, and a little over two months until I move to Los Angeles, I'm trying my hardest to stop hoarding material possessions and clear my wardrobe.

And that, my friends, is an acrobatic feat for a flabby shopaholic.

What I have managed to do, however, is rather successfully distribute the extra time that not shopping leaves me with - working out, spending more time with my lovely nerd-man, and indulging in my hobbies. Ideally, that would include some heated PvP or MMORPG questing, but my Internet connection is way too slow for any games (apart from Candy Crush, hehe - I'm stuck on level 133 at the moment D:).

Soooo, I'm dividing my after-Darren, after-work, after-exercise, after-pigging-out-with-foodie-friends leisure time between drawing, painting, balloon-twisting, and ukulele-strumming. Not shopping and not gaming leaves me a ton of time to prep for my new life-chapter at USC, too. I like feeling productive, I hope I can always keep this up! I still want to fine-tune a heap of skills before I bid Malaysia farewell, too - cooking (I need to learn to feed myself!), video-editing (I solemnly resolve to get a DSLR camera someday, or at least a compact Olympus kinda-DSLR), and reading a library book I borrowed from Monash about public relations. Lmao - yeah, a Public Relations 101 book, and I'm supposed to do my Masters degree in something I've never formally studied before. :P

At some point in time, I'm not going to remember the things I did in the summer before I moved to California.  I feel lucky to live in the age of blogging and Facebook, which just kinda feed into humanity's narcissistic urge to chronicle their own lives. xD

Painting my own toenails. Yay for the treadmill in the living room.
Cushion cover I got customized for Darren. 
And a Charmander tattoo I've mastered speed-drawing on my wrist with a fabric Sharpie. :)