Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The case of Fact v. Fiction

There's a reason why I can't handle horror movies: over-imagination. I tend to have trouble telling fact from fiction, when ghosts are actors or if "based on a true story" means "it can happen to anyone."

When I was 15, my high school friends dragged me to watch South Korean horror movies with them all the time. Everyone wanted to watch Tale of Two Sisters and Ring-O and if I said I didn't want to then everyone would have thought I was a weirdo -- and back then, it wasn't cool to stand out. Yeah, people, I was peer pressured into it! I had so many nightmares from those trips to the cinema. White noise and dark places scare me til today.

So, now I avoid horror movies or scary things. This became a problem when Darren, who loves scary movies, made me watch a hundred thousand of them with him over winter break. (The best one was The Cabin in the Woods, imo.) The good thing is that he's kind enough to warn me when something scary is about to happen, so I can cover my eyes with my hands, but we watched ALL the Paranormal Activity movies. All of them. ALL. In one day.

The other day I was convinced I was being haunted and woke up crying to Darren that something was pulling my blanket down while I was asleep. He had to work really hard to persuade me that it was just a bad dream. I hope he realizes now not to overdose me on horror movies. :(


Boon Yang said...

Lol, you and your overly imaginative mind!