Saturday, 22 February 2014


"I wish I could watch The Amazing Race on my computer, I love that show."
"Try Project Free TV."
"Oh my gosh, you're my hero!"
"No, you are."
"But why am I your hero?!"
"Because you inspire me everyday."
I know, I know. I'm slowly turning into one of those girls. But when I spend 15 hours a week at work, 12 hours in classes, 20 hours in client meetings or working on TriSight projects, 3 hours a week on extra credit work and another 102192012091 hours doing homework/assignments, there's precious little time for the little joys in life. And one of those joys is appreciating the people in my life who love me. (:

P.S: This week, I was invited to join an honors society at USC called Lambda Pi Eta! So I joined. :D