Thursday, 13 February 2014

The last blueberry-and-raisin bread.

Readers of this blog have been telling me to update (thank you for your loyalty and interest in my life!), so I'm staying up a little later tonight to bang out a quick post!

First off, this has to be the most tiring semester I've ever experienced so far. Why?
  • I'm taking four classes. I blame my inner "kiasu" Asian trying to overachieve again. Almost all of my friends are taking three classes like what we're supposed to be doing, but I just had to sign up for an Advanced Research class with one of my favorite professors when she encouraged it. ;( 
  • I'm still working as a project associate for Professor Aimei Yang. I love my job, honestly, it's public relations + research + analysis for 15 hours/week - how can I complain? It also doesn't hurt that the salary is the best I could possibly get on campus. 
  • I'm the co-president of TriSight Communications. It's basically a student organization in USC, but instead of holding club meetings and organizing trips to Chinatown for dim sum (yes, I have Chinese food cravings all the time now), we are a small public relations agency. It's just based on campus. We have real clients, real projects, real deadlines and real bosses! It's been years since I ran Nostalgia (my high school yearbook) and the SAM yearbook at Taylor's: I'd forgotten how much work it is to be a student leader. It helps that I share the workload with Laura, my fellow co-president. It's like a full-time job otherwise, which is tough when we're full-time students.

  • I'm in the process of researching internship opportunities in Austin. This means that I'm spending as much time on LinkedIn as I do on Facebook: networking, networking and networking! I've networked so hard and persistently in the past few weeks that LinkedIn even offered me a free month's upgrade to the premium version, hahaha. But I'm going to save the free month for desperate times - hopefully I never need it. :( And I forgot to mention that I need a summer internship in Austin because I'm moving there! 
I guess this leads into a milestone I should remember on my beloved blog:
Darren and I are moving in together :) 
A part of me can't believe we've been together for over a year already. Time sure flies. A part of me misses Malaysia, but I think it's really just my family, friends and food that I miss... not so much the country. I have Malaysian food cravings every other day! Apparently, there is Malaysian food available in Austin's "Chinatown". Oh, where did I hear that from? All my networking also led me to uncover a group of Malaysians and Singaporeans who are also living & working in Austin -- so I hope someone knows how to make nasi lemak! :P

I stitched together pics of my fave food so I can torture myself more.