Monday, 22 September 2014

Burned out.

It's amazing how quickly I burned out this semester. All it took was three weeks of weekdays filled with meetings and weekends filled with assignments, peppered with a bunch of late nights staying up working on the kinks for TriSight and pulling my weight for projects at work. And a heat wave in California that involved a lot of walking around in 100 degree sunlight.

And then I got pneumonia. As I stood in the Radiology room at Engemann, awkwardly lifting my arms in my hospital gown, I realized I shouldn't be putting myself in a position where I need to take chest x-rays at 25. I shouldn't be struggling to breathe without choking on my own mucus and fluids that bubbled from a lung infection.

I guess it took this burnout episode for me to take my health seriously. Being sick is awful: nothing tastes good, my mouth is constantly dry and I'm perpetually nauseous from antibiotics, I had insomnia for several nights ... and I've almost forgotten about the fever. I had a fever for about six days. Now, though, I'm on the mend, probably 60% recovered. My staple food is now fruit and orange juice, because it's about the only things I can eat without feeling like I want to throw up. And I'm not taking my health for granted again!